Time To Travel

I worked for many many years after graduating from University.  15 to be exact.  When I was younger, I dreamed of travelling the world, exploring, and being a true adventurer.  But, I really had no money to do that.  So, I decided I must start a career first, and build some wealth.  If I worked hard, I could perhaps gain freedom.  That was the plan.  In between then and now I have traveled the world more and more.  So many places to go and see!

The thrill of arriving at a totally unknown new place will never fade.  It is so exciting!  Newness to the eyes everywhere I look. New languages and sounds, the senses get dazzled.  Great food, interesting ways of daily life.  I can’t stop enjoying observation of this all.

After 15 years of corporate life, I decided I had to change my lifestyle and focus.  The most recent 7 years of working was very draining.  Emotionally, professionally, and even physically to a certain degree.  I needed an exit plan.  I needed to start my own business.  That decision was made on a trip to Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Vienna) in 2010, the idea came to life in 2011, and was put into action relentlessly in 2012. I quit my full time job in February 2013 and dove fully into the lifestyle of working and traveling 50/50.  A very nice life balance was born.  Last year the real adventure began with 8 months in Europe.  Here, you may find my stories…